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Antimicrobial Activity Testing of Orthopedic Implant Surface

Hip replacement implant isolated on white. Medically accurate 3D illustration

Applications are open for The COST Training School on   Standardized Antimicrobial Activity Testing of Orthopedic Implant Surface planned March 21-23, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.


ipromedaiThe training is organized by Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) Faculty of Pharmacy Microbiology, Bioorganic and Macromolecular Chemistry unit Campus Plaine in he scope of COST Action TD1305 Improved Protection of Medical Devices Against Infection (IPROMEDAI).

The three days program:

Day 1:
– Aseptic processing and environmental conditions,
– Preparation of the surfaces for the assay,
– Preparation of the culture medium, interfering solutions and neutralizing solution,
– Bacterial and fungal ATCC strains: culture and stock conditions‐ launching Inoculum
‐ Preparation of bacterial and fungal inoculum
‐ Assays for bacteria and fungi counting
‐ Verification of the quality of the strains: use of API ID strip
‐ Assay of validation for the neutralizing solution
‐ Inoculum counting assay
‐ Launching the candidate standardized antimicrobial/antiadherence/antibiofilm surface assay (CSAAASA) with negative and positive control surfaces

Day 2:
‐ Interpretation of the results of the validation of the neutralizing solution
‐ Launching the assays to assess the number of survival microorganisms in solution or adhering on the surface (from the CSAAASA)

Day 3:
‐ Reading of the API ID strip via BioMérieux databank and interpretation
‐ Counting of survival microorganisms in solution or adhering on the surface‐ log reduction arithmetic, interpretation
‐ Assessment of the quality of the positive and negative surface controls.

Priority is given to the Early Career Researchers and iPROMEDAI Action Members as the number of attendees is limited. All applications will be reviewed and acceptance is based on a case-to-case basis by the organizers.


Reservation required, as the training is limited to 24 persons  Register on the home page of


A registration Fee of EURO 100 applies for all attendees.


Early Stage Researchers in microbiology or biomaterial sciences (master students,  PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows from the EU) may apply for a scholarship  that covers travel and housing in part (up to € 600 maximum)