Antimicrobial Materials Safe-by-Design (WG1)


Reaching a conceptual understanding of the mechanisms and construction of an active and sustainable coating, to adapt current and develop new coatings to meet ECHA standards.

Deliverables & Milestones:

  • Database combining active ingredients and substrates for use of AMC in healthcare
  • Exchange of unpublished AMC information between Action members on AMC development and application in healthcare
  • Opinion paper on safe- by-design approaches for development and application of AMC

Work Group 1  Lider:

  • Dr. Hülya Ölmez, Chief Senior Researcher, TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center Biomaterials and Biosensors Research Group, Material Institute Kocaeli, Turkey | | 0090 262 6773041 | |

Work Group 1 Vice-Leader:

  • Luís Melo,  Professor BEL – LEPABE/Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto Department of Chemical Engineering
    Porto, Portugal | | +351 22 508 1588 ||

Work Group 1 Members: