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Proactive Approach for Safe Use of Antimicrobial Coatings in Healthcare Settings

First opinion paper of the COST Action Network AMiCI have been published in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. We publish here the abstract (1) and  conclusions (5).

1.The abstract:

Infections and infectious diseases are considered a major challenge to human health in healthcare units worldwide. This opinion paper was initiated by EU COST Action network AMiCI (AntiMicrobial Coating Innovations) and focuses on scientific information essential for weighing the risks and benefits of antimicrobial surfaces in healthcare settings. Particular attention is drawn on nanomaterial-based antimicrobial surfaces in frequently-touched areas in healthcare settings and the potential of these nano-enabled coatings to induce (eco)toxicological hazard and antimicrobial resistance. Possibilities to minimize those risks e.g., at the level of safe-by-design are demonstrated.

5. Conclusions

This paper intended to provide a comprehensive view on different aspects of (eco)toxicological risks and potency to induce AMR resulting from the use of AMCs in healthcare sector. These issues are discussed in light of recently published scientific literature and expert views of the members of COST Action AMiCI.

Weighing the beneficial and adverse effects of AMC in healthcare settings requires the thorough assessment on the following topics using multidisciplinary and multilevel approaches:

  • Ecotoxicological hazard needs to be evaluated proactively, before the use of AMCs in healthcare
    settings’ surfaces in the environment of patients
  • The lessons learnt in AMR should be taken on board when assessing the risks of AMC
  • The quality, efficacy and safety evaluation of antimicrobial materials in healthcare settings should be addressed at the level of safe-by-design approach
  • Involvement of concerned stakeholders in the risk-benefit analysis is important for the responsible development of AMCs.

Authors: The list of contrubutors can be found in the full copy of the original publication.

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