First AMiCI Working Group meetings in Heerlen – A great success!

November 16-17 ’ 2016 the first WG meetings of our COST AMiCI Action took place at the premises of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Zuyd is the Grant Holder institution of the Action.

We welcomed about 80 participants of 24 different European COST countries.

After a short welcome of our director of the Bèta Sciences and Technology faculty and myself, the four thematic WGs were introduced by their WG leader or Vice Leader.

Each WG session started with a key note lecture on the WG topic, followed by round table discussions on 4 prominent questions, prepared by the WG (Vice) Leaders. These animated discussions in multidisciplinary teams gave input to the opinion papers which will be prepared by the leaders of the discussions and published in scientific peer reviewed journals.

Hereby I wish to express my gratitude to the AMiCI Core Group, for preparing and leading the WG meetings. They were a great success!


Dr. Francy Crijns – Chair of the AMiCI Action

Recordings from the Heerlen Conference


The introduction to the WGs:


Keynote WG1, Joanna Veran: Antimicrobial Coatings – Safe by Design


Keynote WG2, Peter D. Askew: Performance Assessment of Antimicrobial Coatings


Keynote WG3, Anne Kahru:  Adverse Effects of Antimicrobial Coatings


Keynote WG4, Jim Gray: The New Cleaning



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