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STSM: Evaluating the anti-biofilm activity of surfaces composed of ZnO/Ag heterostructures

Antibiotic resistant bacteria inside a biofilm, 3D illustration. Biofilm is a community of bacteria where they aquire antibiotic resistance and communicate with each other by quorum sensing molecules

STSM completed:

ZnO/Ag heterostructures are expected to exhibit UVA-induced photocatalytic effect which are due to the presence of ZnO and magnified by the presence of Ag nanoparticles. While these surfaces have been shown to be effective against planktonic bacteria, their action against biofilms is still unknown. As such, the objective of this STSM is to assess the efficacy of ZnO/Ag surfaces against mono- or multi-species biofilms containing E. coli.

STSM Applicant:

Merillin Rosenberg

Hosting institute:

Dr. Nuno Azevedo, LEPABE – Dep. of Chemical Engineering Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

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