Antimicrobial Coating Innovations to Prevent Infectious Diseases Seminars Series

Materials that confer antimicrobial activity or design features continue to gain popularity to combat the increasing and varied threats from microorganisms, e.g., replacing inert surfaces in hospitals. However, there are manychallenges to overcome to fully understand their potential usefulness and impact. During the online seminar series, challenges and opportunities for the future of antimicrobial materials will bediscussed. Please join the free webinars over Zoom, being

Priority questions exercise for Microbial Biofilms

An international, collaborative call to identify emerging issues in science, innovation and policy for the biofilm field. To date, there has not been an international and community-wide synthesis of key questions and priority research or innovation areas for the biofilm field.  Such exercises can play a critical role in bridging the gap between the data generated by researchers, and the information needed by policymakers to make